Dew Gets a New Friend

J and I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about our life and how different it will be once we call the boat home. This past weekend we started thinking about how this trip is going to be for the Dew. We realized it was going to be a lonely few months for her living on a boat and not playing with other animals. Now, the Dew loves to run around and play with other dogs and really is somewhat of a social butterfly. It broke our heart to think she’d only have us to play with. It was a quick and easy decision and before we knew it we were online searching for a puppy friend to adopt for the Dew.

Two days later, we found him. We met a few dogs in the process, and let me tell you. It’s really hard to not take each and every one of them home! We wanted to find the perfect match for Dew. Someone she would play with and get excited to have around. So, meet Riley. He’s part border collie, part lab and all sorts of sweet. We’ve only had him for two days, but he’s already secured a spot in our hearts. We adopted him from a local organization called Fur Babies. By day 1 he learned how to sit, play fetch and wrestle with the Dew. We can’t wait to see what the week brings – he’s just so smart! The Dew is slowly adjusting to sharing our attention, but you can tell she likes having a permanent playmate.