A trip to Dog Beach, Prospect Park

Given we’ll be living on a boat surrounded by water in the very near future, we thought it may be wise to see if Riley even likes it. We headed down to Dog Beach with the pups in tow to test it out. Dog Beach is this litte fenced off area of the Pools in Prospect Park. When we got there Dewey stepped right in, but Riley was a little more hesitant. Riley tends to follow Dew’s lead so it didn’t take long before he took the plunge. Once he got his feet wet, he was jumping in and chasing the ball in no time. He wasn’t really up for the deep water where his feet couldn’t touch but all in all a great first day! They spent the day chasing new dog friends and running up and down the hills and around the trees. They both made sure to take a few nice long rolls in the dirt just to seal in all the pond scum. All the fun took it out of them as they’ve been napping since we got home.

{Riley bringing the ball back to J. He’s such a good boy!}

{Dewey showing Riley how it’s done.}

{They just loved rolling around and really covering themselves in dirt, twigs and leaves securing them both a nice bath.}