Life in NYC

Boy has our lives changed in the last few months. We’ve gone from being the only ones in our breathtaking anchorage to being able to hear the intimate conversations of our neighbors from the comfort of our bed. How cute. Even though I’ve been back since April (holy cow!) I am still managing to meet up with friends for the first time since I’ve been back. They always seemed shocked that when they ask, “So are you glad to be back?” I quickly respond, “Not at all.” Sure, I’ve managed to snag a really awesome job. And, sure, it is nice to be able to get a pint of ice cream at 3am if my little heart desires or to be able to afford a bottle, not a box, of Trader Joe’s finest (although, I’m happy to report their boxed Block Red is pretty darn tasty). While we will always long to be back out on the open water, we have been trying to make the most of our time back in the city while we’re here. So, here is a bit of a non boat related photo dump to catch you up. We will return to your normal sailboat related programming momentarily.

west_indian_day_kiddies urban_gardening_jasonperry_photo_booth urban_gardening hearst_tower joe_perry_esquire ovando_flowers_purplejason_rileyheart_grafitti_williamsburgdewey_pool_party conde_girls_night empty_nyc_subway Brooklyn_Bridge_manhattan stanley_cup_esquireEmpire_State_building_NYC lower_manhattan_nyc herbs_crown_Heightsnyc_sunset DC_Wine_fest1WT_NYC NYC_central_park_aerial crown_heights_grafitti fireworks_manhattan_nycthe_esquire_fashion_Week(L-R) An elaborate coustume at NYC’s West Indian Day Kiddie Parade that we watched from our fire escape, A bit of urban gardening on the fire escape, Photobooth fun at The Esquire with my colleague, Planting our herb garden, View from the 23rd floor of the Hearst Tower, Just another day at the office – Joe Perry stopped by to film a Live Session, Gorgeous flowers from the designers of Cadet after a great Fashion Week presentation, Lazy Sunday, Love from Williamsburg, Dewey at a pool party, Girls Night with old colleagues/friends, A rare empty subway car, View of Lower Manhattan from the Williamsburg Bridge, Hanging with Stanley Cup, Empire State Building, Lower Manhattan, Community Herb Garden in Crown Heights, Spectacular NYC Sunset, Hanging with my sister at the DC Wine Festival, 1 World Trade Center, Office with a view – Hearst Tower 44 floors up, Crown Heights Urban Art, Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks from my friends kick butt apartment, Models at The Esquire for Fashion Week.

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