The 70 Best Sailing Movies

vagabond_42_sailboatThere are those amazing sailing days – the ones where the wind is in the perfect direction, the sun is shining, it’s warm (but not sweltering!), and you’re cruising along at 8 knots without the engine on. Then, there are those days that are terrible for sailing. It is either raining, sleeting, snowing, the wind is blowing over 30 knots, or some painful combination of multiple nightmares. There, sadly, are times where it is advisable to not be out on the water. Those days are best spent inside, dark and stormy in hand, curled up watching movies. Sailing movies to be exact. For those days, we put together the ultimate list of sailing movies, so you can still have sailing on your mind when you are stuck inside. As if you needed help in that department.

A comprehensive list of 70 sailing movies
A few of our favorites

Below you will find 70 – yes, 70! – movies that are either sailing themed or sailing plays a part in the movie. A lot of these movies are available on Amazon Prime, which allows you to download ahead of time for offline viewing. Don’t have Amazon Video (part of Amazon Prime)? Get a free trial here.

  1. 1492
  2. A High Wind in Jamaica
  3. All is Lost
  4. Against All Flags
  5. Around Cape Horn
  6. Around the World With Jean-du-Sud
  7. Being Out There
  8. Cabin Boy
  9. Captain Blood
  10. Captain Kidd
  11. Captain Ron
  12. Captains Courageous
  13. Charlie St. Cloud
  14. Damn the Defiant!
  15. Dead Calm
  16. Deep Water
  17. Down to the Sea in Ships
  18. En Solitaire (also called Turning Tide)
  19. Finest Hour
  20. Hook
  21. Ice Blink
  22. Icebound: The Final Voyage of the Karluk
  23. In the Heart of the Sea
  24. Long John Silver’s Return to Treasure Island
  25. Longitude
  26. Kon-Tiki
  27. Knife in the Water
  28. Maiden Trip
  29. Master & Commander
  30. Moana (coming out in 2016)
  31. Moby Dick
  32. Morning Light
  33. Mutiny on the Bounty
  34. Nova Zembla
  35. One Simple Question – filmed by an old high school friend of mine
  36. Open Water 2: Adrift
  37. Overboard
  38. Pirates of the Caribbean movies
  39. Pirates: Quest for Snake Island
  40. Plymouth Adventure
  41. Purple Moon
  42. Red Dot on the Ocean
  43. Riddle of the Sands
  44. Robinson Crusoe
  45. Summer Rental
  46. The Black Swan
  47. The Bounty
  48. The Dove
  49. The Endurance
  50. The Last of the Cape Horners
  51. The Old Man and the Sea
  52. The Perfect Storm
  53. The Pirate
  54. The Pirates! Band of Misfits
  55. The Reef
  56. The Riddle of the Sands
  57. The Sea Gypsies
  58. The Sea Hawk
  59. The Vikings
  60. The Wreck of the Mary Deare
  61. Treasure Island
  62. Triangle
  63. Under Full Sail: Silent Cinema on the High Seas
  64. Violets Are Blue…
  65. Voyage to the Edge of the World
  66. Waterworld
  67. White Squall
  68. Wind
  69. Yellowbeard
  70. Zeb – A Schooner Life

What are your favorite sailing movies? Are there any we are forgetting?

The 70 Best Sailing Movies
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  1. Hows about Billy Budd?

    Joshua Slocum YouTube Documentary revealing Joshua’s true place of origin?

    Riddles of the Sands should be near the top.

    I’ll be back with more.

  2. I just watched Walt Disney’s “The Boatniks” last night and I think it should be added to your list.

    “Young and awkward, The Coast-Guard’s ensign Thomas Garland suffers from the comparison with his late father, a war hero. Which does not prevent him from falling for pretty Kate Fairchild, a young woman who runs a sailing school. Of course the way he expresses his deep sympathy for the lady leaves to be desired. And the situation does not improve when a trio of bumbling jewel thieves interferes.”