Sun Protection

Sun essentials for cruising on a sailboat.
A few of my sun essentials: Mott 50 Swim Shirt, Mott 50 Billy hat, Neutrogena sunscreen, Blistex lip sunscreen and sunglasses

As someone who is pale faced, covered in freckles, seen my fair share of pre-cancerous spots and has a family history of melanomas, proper sun protection is an absolute priority for me and the crew of Chance. I used to say that moving to New York City from Florida was probably one of the best things I did for my skin because the tall buildings and incredibly long working hours pretty much guaranteed I would be a permanent shade of ghostly. Now that I have had a change of heart and returned to my fun in the sun ways it is even more important that I keep myself protected. When I was a kid slapping on a coat of SPF 15 was your only option, but now we have so many different ways to layer on protection from the harmful UVA/UVB rays.

My first line of defense aboard Chance is to stay covered and in the shade as much as possible. This means that I try to stay under our dodger, arch or sun shade as much as possible. If I know there is a deck to be scrubbed or work that requires me to be out in the direct sun I try to get it done earlier in the day or in the late afternoon to avoid the most harmful 10am – 2pm rays.

The second thing I do to keep myself protected is to religiously apply sunscreen. Over the years I have tried a LOT of sunscreens and my current favorite products come from Neutrogena. I am partial to their Clear Face “Breakout Free” Broad Spectrum SPF 55 (because what is worse than a sunburn AND zits?) for my face and the Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 55 for my body. I like the dry-touch sunscreen because I can’t really tell it is on. Jason, who is all “I-hate-to-wear-sunscreen”, says he can feel it but I think he’s just making that up so I’ll stop nagging him to wear it. This just in. I’ll never stop nagging. I love you and want to keep you cancer free so just wear it already, k? To keep my lips protected I like the Blistex Five Star SPF 30. Most lip block I’ve found only has an SPF 15 in it which is just not enough for me to be comfortable with. This stuff has a lovely scent and keeps my lips moisturized all day long.

Mott 50 makes cute sun protective clothing.
We make sun protection look sexy, no? Sporting our Mott 50 tees as we tour the El Galeón that came to town

Our sun protection doesn’t stop with sunscreen. We now live in a day and age where they can build sunscreen in to the clothes you wear. That is right, you can be protected just by getting dressed in the morning. Mott 50* is a cool company that makes stylish clothes and accessories that keep us protected long after our first coat of sun screen wears off. Bonus points that the company’s founder also worked at Condé Nast before leaving to chase her dream just like I did. Whether we’re working on the boat, at the beach, enjoying a nice sail or just running errands, Mott 50 makes items for all occasions. All of their products are designed with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) 50 built in to them. Two of my favorite products they make are their Billy and Rusty hats. Both are wide brimmed so they keep my whole face and shoulders covered as well as being packable so that I can easily store them on the boat without worrying they will get destroyed. Clothing wise I am pretty much a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. (Well, I used to be. Now I’m more of a t-shirt and shorts girl since I now live in ridiculously hot temperatures). You can dress them up or down depending on your mood and accessories. Mott 50 makes awesome tees for both men and women that are the perfect base for any outfit. Both Jason and I have practically lived in since we got them. In fact, Jason has his on now. They have both long sleeve and short sleeve essentials for women and men. They also make these awesome quick dry swim shirts for added protection that my teeny bikini just cannot give me for a day out in the water. We are extremely happy with the quality and design of our products. When you go out and get your own Mott 50 goods be sure you hang dry them so you don’t mess with the protection level. Not a problem for us as we hang dry our laundry, but may be for you land lubbers. Mott 50 just recently launched on Nordstrom and can also be purchased directly from their site.


*Sailing Chance was sponsored by Mott 50 in 2013. While we received free products as part of the relationship, we were not paid for positive reviews. The thoughts and opinions shared are my own.


  1. I live in Colorado and enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors hiking, biking, running, etc. Mott 50 clothing helps protect my sensitive skin from the elements; I just love it!

  2. i love your sunscreen tips! i would have to agree with jason though, im totally the “i-hate-wearing-sunscreen” type of person and then i get burnt to a crisp and start to peel!

    i cant believe they make clothes now that protect your skin from the sun that is crazy! Mott 50 is such a cool company, who would of thought that was even possible! AND they sell the clothes at nordstrom?! DOUBLE BONUS!!!

  3. I love this brand! It’s stylishly versatile! As a girl that loves the mountains, which are extremely sun exposed, as well as the sea, Mott 50 is perfect for me. I can still look cute and keeping myself protected.

  4. You guys are just too cute! My BF hates wearing sunscreen too, no matter what scary skin cancer stats I share with him. I’ve been looking for a good hat for my upcoming vaca – I’ll check them out.

  5. I never knew they made clothing that had sunscreen in it, that’s amazing! As a fair-skinned person as well your tips are very helpful! Make more options for men!