Sunday Football

With only five (!!) days left as Brooklynites Jason and I have been quickly filling up our social calendars to get in as much face time with our favorites as possible before we hit the road. So Sunday we loaded up a car full of friends and headed to Staten Island for a day full of football (Saints and Giants!) and fun times. Our party hosts, Blake and Lance, wanted to make sure we were sent off in style and had fancy football appetizers for us all to make on the hibachi grill. If I wasn’t about to move onto a boat I would have one of these on my Christmas list, it was so much fun!

As you can see, we had quite a spread. Nine cooking seasonings and dips, pineapple skewers, veggie skewers and shrimp on the barbie! Blake didn’t want any of us to mess up her fancy grill, so we had to sit through a short instructional presentation.

{The twins serenade us during a commercial break}

{Touchdown and Movember!}

{If this picture doesn’t encourage you to donate for Movember I don’t know what will}

Hosting a party really took it out of Blake. Thanks for having us lady!

Now, back to packing.