The Never Ending Repair List

When we got Chance we knew there would be a lot of work in her before she was ready to become our home. Here’s our never-ending list:

Deck Repair

  • Remove all fittings from the deck (took 3 weeks in itself!)
  • Sand down deck
  • Epoxy and prime the deck
  • Paint the deck with two-part polyuerathane paint
  • Attach all fittings


Hull Repair

  • Sand entire hull removing all paint
  • Repair gelcoat
  • Barrier coat the hull
  • Remove all thruhull fittings and reinstall with bronze seacocks


  • Replace and install a new boom
  • Install furling system for Asymetrical Spinnaker
  • Rig the sails
  • Replace all safety lines 


  • Rewire ALL electrical
  • Build 6 cu. ft regrigeration/freezer
  • Install all electronics


  • Replace brightwork (It’s a good thing J is a skilled woodworking craftsman)
  • Build new radar arch (welded from stainless steel)
  • Build and install bow sprit with anchor rollers


  • Replace cutlass bearing and propeller
  • Add fresh water cooling
  • Add high output alternator
  • Add oil filter


  • Remove center port berth
  • Remove center starboard berth
  • Remove aft port berth
  • Remove folding table to add additional “living space”
  • Sew a new sail cover
  • Sew a new dodger/bimini
  • Replace aft port berth with workstation
  • Replace center port berth with sliding “futon” station
  • Replace center starboard berth with storage
  • Redesign galley into U-shaped layout
  • Refit cushions to fit newly designed berths


  1. […] It’s official. My favorite tool is the vice grip. Those bad boys do everything – especially on an old boat that is full of rusted nuts, bolts, and screws. They saved the day on each and every project we completed this weekend. Well, the pliers paired with my sheer brilliance and ability to accurately assess spatial relations (Jason obviously had nothing to do with it).  This past weekend was the first time I’ve been up at the boat since March! To say I was anxious to get up there and start working is an understatement. I wanted to get my feet wet and my hands dirty (both of which happened!). The last few times I was up there we were just removing all the hardware to prepare the deck to be refinished. You could easily spend an entire weekend removing 8 corroded screws from hard to reach spots. It felt great to actually get some things crossed off our Never Ending To-Do List. […]