November Snow: Reason #1 we are leaving NY

So, last week we had a monster hurricane barrel through NYC and last night we got about four inches of snow. I think its clear that mother nature is trying to kill us off...

Chief Navigator

Now that we’ve been in the Bahamas for over a month (What?!) we’ve been reevaluating our division of labor. There has been a lot of discussion about who should be doing what and how...
items in first aid kit for dogs and pets

First Aid for the Dogs

With all that time spent on crafting the perfect human First Aid kit for Chance, you didn't think we'd forget about our favorite four legged friends, did you? Before we left Brooklyn we spent...
sailboat cuddles dogs

The Waiting Game

{This is how you wait out crazy winds - snuggled up with the pups} This last week has been full of nothing but waiting. The weather these last few days has been crazy and we've...

A trip to Dog Beach, Prospect Park

Given we'll be living on a boat surrounded by water in the very near future, we thought it may be wise to see if Riley even likes it. We headed down to Dog Beach with...