How To

How-to and DIY instructions for completing the projects on your sailboat.

Thanksgiving On The Hard

We gave ourselves one week. One week to keep our girl out of the water and do some work on the bottom of our boat. After spending over 7 months living on the hard...
Hanging pockets add additional storage to your sailboat

Storage Hack: Hanging Pockets

Its that time of year again, when all the lucky cruisers are heading south to warmer waters. Us? We are starting our preparations for winter. The other weekend I headed to our storage unit...

So You Bought A Sailrite, Now What?

To buy or not to buy a Sailrite, that is the question nearly all cruisers debate at one point or another. The Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 (the one that does the zig-zag stitch needed for...

How To: Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Bugs. They spend all day buzzing around and annoying the shit out of you. Well I'm sick of it. Sick of it I tell you! Where did all this hatred come from you ask?...

How To: Make Your Companionway Less Slippery

Can I tell you something? I sort of missed boat projects. That feeling of making something, of Macgyver-ing your way through life, can leave a girl feeling accomplished. With a new boat that was not...