How To

How-to and DIY instructions for completing the projects on your sailboat.

Man vs. Machine

You might have heard me say that sewing is a critical skill that every cruiser and sailor should have. Repairing torn sails and canvas in a pinch will not only keep your boat moving,...

How To: Make Conch Salad Like A Pro

If you have been to the Bahamas you've likely heard of, tried and fallen in love with conch salad. I'm sure if the Bahamas had an official national dish, conch salad would be it....

DIY Sailboat Hammocks

Since we’ve started this journey Jason and I have always wished we had a hammock on board. Since it wasn’t absolutely necessary to get us on our way it always stayed on the Amazon...

Look Who Finally Got Around to Recovering Our Cushions!

Remember way back when Jason and I finally agreed on new fabric to recover our interior cushions? Man that was a long time ago. I mean, we were still on the hard! Well, I...

Sew, Sew, Sew (for) Your Boat

Once we got the oven working again (typed as I eat a deliciously roasted butternut squash!) my main focus was to get a few sewing projects out of the way before we made the...