How To

How-to and DIY instructions for completing the projects on your sailboat.

Sail Inspections

Now that our boat finally made its way to us (read with Reunited, and it feels so good playing in the background) we have been working nearly non stop since the minute we laid eyes on her....
items in first aid kit for dogs and pets

First Aid for the Dogs

With all that time spent on crafting the perfect human First Aid kit for Chance, you didn't think we'd forget about our favorite four legged friends, did you? Before we left Brooklyn we spent...

Sailing First Aid Kit

Remember that childhood car game I packed my bags and in it I put? My sister and I used to play that all the time as kids. It kept us busy during long drives to...

How To: Pattern a Sail Cover Using Your Old Cover

While our boat still hasn't made her big road trip down to Florida yet I've been filling my days finishing up as many of my sewing projects as possible so that I at least feel I'm...

Sew what?

In sticking with the DIY theme of this trip, and frankly my entire life, I plan to do a lot of the sail repair and canvas work on our boat myself. I've been sewing...