How To

How-to and DIY instructions for completing the projects on your sailboat.

Sew, Sew, Sew (for) Your Boat

Once we got the oven working again (typed as I eat a deliciously roasted butternut squash!) my main focus was to get a few sewing projects out of the way before we made the...

The Great Flooring Project – The Destruction

One of the biggest projects we've been working on lately is our floors in the salon. When we first bought Chancelot, we assumed the plywood was rotting in a few spots and would need...

Man vs. Machine

You might have heard me say that sewing is a critical skill that every cruiser and sailor should have. Repairing torn sails and canvas in a pinch will not only keep your boat moving,...

Stovetop Bread (and Pizza!)

Sadly the oven aboard Chance currently is more of a storage space than usable. Apparently leaking propane causes the inside of the oven to go BOOM when the door is closed which is not...

Thanksgiving On The Hard

We gave ourselves one week. One week to keep our girl out of the water and do some work on the bottom of our boat. After spending over 7 months living on the hard...