Sailing Life

What we do while we live aboard our sailboat

Galley Cooking

Well, we hit a pretty cool milestone the other day - we cooked our first meal on board Chance! We may have no walls but we sure as hell have a stove. Our meal...

Surviving our First Blizzard Aboard

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sailboat cuddles dogs

The Waiting Game

{This is how you wait out crazy winds - snuggled up with the pups} This last week has been full of nothing but waiting. The weather these last few days has been crazy and we've...

And Then We Were in the Water

{First family pic while in the water. I'm so happy my eyes are squinty! Bones can barely contain his excitement either. Kisses for Jason!}  In the 3 1/2 years that Jason and I have been...

Our Two Favorite Boats

Guys, the search for our perfect boat continues. After studying countless boats online and seeing a few in person, we have narrowed down our list to our top two. Even better, Jason and I...