Sailing Life

What we do while we live aboard our sailboat

Happy Halloween

Halloween greetings from the crew of Chance! When you live on a boat, the only logical holiday decorations are solar-powered dancing skeletons. Have fun and save me a Twix.

Surviving our First Blizzard Aboard

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Thrift Store Finds

{If this whole sailing thing doesn't work out, maybe he should try modeling!} If Florida is good for one thing it certainly is their thrift stores. You can rarely snag any real finds in a...
1974 31ft Seafarer

Our Bliss-ful Maiden Voyage

J: How do you feel about his and her boats? Me: What the heck am I going to do with my own boat? I don't even know how to sail the one we've got. J: Don't...

Conserving Fresh Water

We only have a 35 gallon water tank aboard Chance and no water maker. I’m not even kidding. We also have four 5-gallon water jerries and a 5-gallon solar shower allowing us to carry...