The Escape Artist

It seems I have been wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses since we’ve moved back on the water. The sun is brighter, the skyline more impressive and the word “lovely” has become a part...
Bogota Graffiti

Bogota, Colombia – The Graffiti

I have this weird obsession with graffiti and had a blast swooning over the great works of art that decorated Bogota. It was bright and beautiful. So much more thought went into these creations...

Renaming Ceremony

While we've been calling her Chance for quite some time now we only officially renamed her this past week. We wanted the type to be very classic so people will think we have a super...

Exploring Gulfo di Oresei, Sardinia

Another area of Sardinia we got to explore was Gulfo di Oresei. While this area technically can be reached by foot (which involves a 2 hour hike), it is best accessed by boat. The gulf...
Making a canvas life sling bags adds a lot to the look of your sailboat.

Sewing A New Life Sling Bag

Now that I’ve gotten in the swing of sewing again, it has been hard to stop. After I finished our dodger, I was ready for the next project. Our new bimini frame sits on...