Products for Your Baby


The products listed below include an affiliate link for our website. If you buy anything or starting a registry after clicking think link I get a small (like, teeny tiny) commission, but costs you nothing.

I used Amazon Baby Registry. You can add products from any site which is convenient.


A wrap of some sort, we have the Moby, but only because I bought it used and that was what I found. The wrap is a lot cooler than the carrier.

Carrier – I have an Ergo, and your mom is getting you the Baby Bjorn. Just something to carry them in 🙂

One of the products I wished I had was a sling when she was really tiny. They are so wiggly then it would have come in handy. However, I didn’t have the wrap immediately so having that from the get go might have helped.


Bassinet – Zoe never slept in hers but for maybe 2 hours total. You can have ours. It is portable and takes very little space.

Guava Lotus – mesh travel crib with side zip

Auto Rock – N – Play. Zoe slept in hers most nights when she was teeny. You want one that vibrates AND rocks if you have the space.

Dock-a-tot. Seriously worth every penny. It is expensive, but creates a very welcoming place for baby to sleep. Feels like they are being hugged. Good until approximately 8 months. That being said, Zoë will be about 9 months when Baby Perez is born so you can use ours if you want.

This shusher works wonders for us. Also a spotify membership for lullabyes.


If space is tight, we have this and use it for travel. It would work as a regular changing mat as well.

For on the go, I wish I had one of these skip hop guys

Changing Pad




Burp Rags/Cloth Diapers

drool bibs: MatiMati (same brand as washcloths)

Bottle Drying Rack: Boon Grass+ Tree for nipples

Bottle Brush – The one I have works good, but its a little big for the Medela bottles. I’m on the hunt for a smaller one. I liked one that we saw at the baby shower event. I need to track it down

Manual breast pump is soo worth the money. Long car drives were brutal without it.

I leaked so bad. And it didn’t let up until about 4.5 months. I used Bamboobies during the day and a heavier pad at night. They are washable and breathable.

Get nursing tanks ahead of time. I lived in them for the first 3 months nearly exclusively. I liked the ones from Old Navy and nursing sports bras from Target. I personally hated nursing bras – they are too padded for my comfort. I just got bralettes and moved them out of the way when she fed. NBD.

For feeding, a breast feeding pillow comes in handy. I have the Boppy and the My Breast Friend travel pillow. You can have both when I’m done with them.


The Avent Soothies are the ones the hospital uses and Zoe likes for the first 3 months. I think I have 1-2 that are sealed of these still.

Once she got a little bigger she prefers the Dr. Browns ones. The nipple is a bit bigger than the Avent ones.

I have a few of these Mam ones for you that are sealed and never opened.

These are the clips I bought. People honestly stop and ask me about them all the time as they have no metal on them.

First Aid/Medicine

An Infrared Thermometer is super easy to use. No need for something that takes the baby’s temperature ever minute and sends it to an app. I can’t imagine their temp changing that drastically where you wouldn’t already be monitoring them.

Fridababy bundle. It includes nail clippers (really easy to use), file, nosefrida, windi and the fridet (believe me, you’ll need this for a while after delivery. This one is MUCH easier to use than the peri bottle you get at the hospital).

People swear by aquafor and butt paste for diaper rash but thankfully Zoë hasn’t had any yet. We’re ready if/when she does.

These gas drops are a life saver when your baby is super fussy and you can’t figure out why. The answer is always gas.

Have infant tylenol ready in case of fever.

I have a whole postpartum kit for you of extra stuff I had but didn’t use. Get yourself comfy granny panties and pads.


I am really loving Green Toys. They are so simple and Zoë loves them. Her fave right now is the twist teether because it makes so much noise I think.

I also like the Oball toys. They are easy to grip for tiny hands and pretty flexible/squishy.

The Bjorn mesh bouncer is awesome. You can attach the toy bar (sold separately) to keep them entertained. The cover also comes off easily for washing. Its expensive, but if you watch Facebook marketplace you can find them used.


For bathing I got the puj travel sink insert. You can have it. Now that she likes to shower with me it is easier to just bring her. I will start using a collapsible bucket in the shower with me once she can sit up so she can splash around while I shower.

These washcloths are super soft. I use them too.

On the Go.

I like this organizer for the stroller. Holds odds and ends as well as drinks/bottles. I got mine at Marshalls.

For a diaper bag, I use a regular backpack. However, two features I wanted in the backpack were that it opened pretty fully, and it had handles that the top that snapped together so I could easily hang it from the stroller handle. The Fjallraven style. Mine is dougnut or something – we bought it in Italy.

These are the only socks/booties that stay on her. I have literally lost one of every other kind of bootie or sock.