Hello, Ft. Pierce



So after our propane debacle was taken care of we were finally able to leave Vero. On Sunday we made our 14 mile trek to Ft. Pierce. I am happy to report that we had another uneventful day aboard Chance! Woo-Hoo!! Sadly we had to motor the whole time as there was no wind, and the wind projected to pick up later in the day was a south wind which happens to not be so great for going south in a very narrow channel. Whatevs, we made it to Ft. Pierce. From here the plan is to go on the outside (sailing the ocean instead of the Intracoastal Waterway) so we can avoid the 500 call bridges between here and Ft. Lauderdale. Ok, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but there is still a bunch of them. Slowly but surely we’re making our way south people.


{Check out our fancy new line organizers! They keep the leashes in check too.}


Once we settled in (anchored) we headed to the Treasure Coast Pirate Festival. It was totally kitschy, but seemed appropriate for us to go to. I mean, we have to learn the ways of survival, right? It was basically a big street festival with a bunch of vendors selling things with people dressed up as pirates. I’m talking legit costumes with women’s boobs pushed up to their necks (sorry guys, no pictures of that). Sprinkled between the vendors were pirate bunkers, pirate memorabilia and mermaids. It was pretty awesome to see it all.

ft_pierce_pirate_fest treasure_coast_pirate_fest

{One of the reenacted bunkers.}

Because we live on a boat often without a “normal” connection to the outside world we had somehow forgot it was Super Bowl Sunday until we saw a sign advertising specials at a local bar. Frantically we were in search of a wifi signal so we could find some place to go watch it. We had decided that we were just going to dinghy over to the bar at the marina near where we are anchored until we saw our neighbor boat hoisting a tv antenna! They invited us over and we watched the game from the comfort of his cabin. It was pretty amazing to be floating in the water and still be able to get live television. I really love this life.


{Our nice anchorage neighbors hoisting their antenna!}

On Monday we were super productive and finished tightening our jib track bolts up so we could slide on our new jib sheet cars that finally arrived after months (MONTHS!) of back and forth with Garhauer after we sent our old ones in for repair for corrosion. I spliced the lines (I’m a splicing machine, btw) for the jib sheet cars and the line we’re going to use for our SSB antenna while Jason finished installing our reefing line into the sail. We’re ready for a sail on the outside now people. Get ready.

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