A Fourth of July Sail in the Hudson

Our friend Scott sporting his most festive attire in celebration of America’s & Dewey’s birthdays.

Well guys, we did it. We finally took our boat for a sail! If you follow us on Facebook, you may remember that we did attempt to take her out a few weeks back, but that adventure ended with a broken shifter cable. Sigh. When our friend Scott came to visit from DC this past weekend, we put him to work to help Jason finally fix it. We managed to take the boat out on Friday to test everything out and successfully made it out and back in the dock without indecent. You know, docking is really the most difficult part of sailing. It is so much easier to just pull up the anchor and be on our merry way.

After an early afternoon rainstorm on the Fourth we gathered the troops and headed out into the Hudson just as the sky was clearing up. Dressed in our best red, white and blue we raised the sails and attempted to catch any bit of wind we could. Despite the little wind, we had an awesome day out playing around with the sails. We just have so many more options than we did with a sloop!

It was Craig and Jon’s first time out on a sailboat. I think you can say they had a good time 🙂


Jon hanging out with his friends. Our friend Blake’s mom gave Jason and I one of the most insane (yet completely amazing) boat warming gifts, and all appropriately themed for the Fourth. It was almost bigger than me!
Everyone took their turn hanging out on the bow. It was the most coveted spot on the boat!
Sailing on the Hudson is so much different from sailing in Florida or the Bahamas. There are so many more boats, ferries and tankers to watch out for!
Just a man, his boat, his city and pretending to be Leo in Titanic.
You’re never too old for a selfie.
This adorable birthday girl turned eight! We always celebrate in style 🙂
All this added space on a bigger boat and these cuties still choose to spoon. Added cute points for their festive bandanas.

We wanted to anchor out to catch the Macy’s fireworks in the East River, but this year all the water around the city was a no anchor zone. So, we headed back to the marina, grilled some hotdogs and opened up a few beers. We found this amazing liquor megastore in Jersey City and even managed to only buy beers that were nautical or dog themed in name. Don’t judge, Turbo Dog and Smooth Sail are really good! Once we were all sufficiently stuffed, the fireworks started. Jersey city had mirrored shows over the Hudson and in Liberty State Park. It was almost if we had a 3D display! While we were bummed we weren’t really going to get to see the Macy’s display (we caught glimpses through the buildings), we knew that our show was going to be good. The marina has awesome fireworks each week as a part of their wedding package so we knew they’d deliver on the biggest fireworks holiday of the year. After 25 minutes of exploding lights I was kind of ready for it to be over.

The day was amazingly exhausting and Jason may have fallen asleep on the jib bag at the end of the night. It is a little too close to a big bean bag chair on our bow. It may not be the best for the sails but it sure is comfortable! All in all, it was an amazing day. fireworks_nyc_marina

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