A New Plan


This whole getting a boat ready thing takes an awfully lot longer to do than we anticipated. After Sandy hit and then the Nor’easter we did the math – we had lost so many days we wouldn’t be ready to leave until at least mid December. With temperatures dropping drastically and the threat of another snow storm too close for comfort we we hunkering down for a miserably cold sail down to Florida.

Jason: “I really wish we would have just paid to have the boat shipped to Brooklyn when we first bought her. She would be so much farther along now. I wonder how it would cost to ship her down to Florida.”

Kelley: “We should just load her up with all the stuff we’re shipping to my moms. That is $1100 right there.

Jason: “That is a great idea! Well done.” (He actually said, “that’s not a terrible idea.”)

Kelley: “I was kidding.”

But, it was too late. Jason was already at his computer running the numbers. In leaving at the end of November instead of December and having the boat shipped, we wouldn’t have to pay another month of December rent, ship the stuff to my moms, pay a months worth of gas for the boat, pay any marina fees, buy a coat for Riley, install a heater of some sort on the boat, etc., etc., etc. And we get to finish all the boat work in the milder Florida weather. This new plan actually saved us money and most importantly it saved us from being completely miserable sailing in frigid temperatures.

Our grand plan is that the boat will be shipped down to Florida within the next two weeks. We’ll be renting a car and driving down to Florida with the dogs. Breaking up the trip over three days well be stopping quickly in DC to see my sister and give her some of my no longer needed winter gear, and then in Charleston to meet up with one of Jason’s friends and eat at a friend’s restaurant.

17 days and counting….


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  1. I was just talking to Jessie about all of this! I am so glad you’re still going to stop in Charleston. Johnny’s pretty stoked about it all…you’ll be in for a treat at the Glass Onion! Just…don’t trust anything that looks like pasta…he will trick you into eating pig ear!

    Let me know if there is anything you need! I was looking to see where we could donate items…but I couldn’t find the page that originally existed!