A Sardinian Wedding


Exploring the Gulfo di Oresei in Sardegna is the perfect way to spend an afternoonIn case you don’t follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you may be interested to know that Jason and I finally took the plunge and got married during our trip to Sardinia and I thought our three month anniversary was the perfect time to take a look back at our magical day. After our amazing time in Alghero, we drove across the island to Cala Gonone so we could scout out the Gulf de Oresei and pick a beach to get married on. Most of the beaches in the area can only be reached by boat or a long hike so we rented a dinghy from Lampu for the day for about €90. For the actual big day we hired a driver to bring us around so we could focus on the more important things like pledging our love to each other.

Gulf de Oresei is an insanely gorgeous area. Pristine beaches are tucked between rocky cliff faces. The beaches in Sardinia are much smaller than what I am used to, but they are beautiful. We headed as far out as we could go, and started our scouting with Cala Goloritze. The beaches in this area have interesting dinghy rules – you can’t pull them up on any beach and some you can’t even land them to unload. This means you have to swim to shore, which seems like one hell of a way to ruin your wedding dress.

Jason’s top pick was Cala Marioulu, which has been rated one of the best beaches in Italy time and time again. Sadly, just as we were pulling up so was a big tour boat which forced us to our back up beach of Cala dei Gabbiani. We had this beach nearly to ourselves outside of a few older topless tourists, which oddly was perfect. This was my favorite beach of them all. Instead of sand, the beach was full of tiny white pebbles and there were big beautiful rocks sprinkled along the water line just asking us to get married on them. So, we did. And now for a boat load of pictures.

Eloping in Sardinia Cala dei Gabbiani makes a perfect background for an elopementYou may kiss the bride Eloping in SardegnaAfter 6 and a half years we finally got hitchedChampagne to celebrate our elopement Eloping on our own little rock in the Mediterranean Getting married in Sardegna First walk as a married coupleTaking the plunge into married life. Underwater wedding photography Swimming with the fish on your wedding day. underwater wedding photography in SardiniaSo much love on our wedding dayTogether we will climb to such great heightsSardinia wedding photographyGetting married in Italy as an American is actually a pretty easy process. You go down to the court house and get your paperwork before you head off to the far away and gorgeous land. Once you are in Italy you simply have a “symbolic ceremony” and then sign the paperwork when you get back. Easy peasy. We hired a “humanist celebrant” to perform the ceremony (which is a baller gig if you can get it somewhere beautiful that people always want to get married as you don’t need any legal power to perform the ceremony) and a local photographer to capture the ceremony for us. In the end it was exactly what we wanted. Ah, love. 💕

All photos by Antonio Patta.

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  1. Hi Kelley,

    My husband and I have been following your blog for a while and love reading about your adventures + seeing all the gorgeous photos. Just wanted to congratulate you both on tying the knot! Sounds like it was a perfect little ceremony. 🙂 Happy traveling!


    PS: Those underwater photos are crazy beautiful!

  2. I can’t recall if I commented before, so congratulations to you both! Y’all look like movie stars in your wedding pictures. What a fabulous place to tie the knot! Best wish for a long and happy life together. 💞

  3. Those were the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen. My cheeks are hurting from smiling-so happy for the two of you. I think the popping of the champagne was my favorite- then I got to the underwater ones and gave up trying to figure out my favorite. You two are beautiful in all of them. May many more beaches be in your future! And happy anniversary!