And Then We Were in the Water



{First family pic while in the water. I’m so happy my eyes are squinty! Bones can barely contain his excitement either. Kisses for Jason!} 

In the 3 1/2 years that Jason and I have been dating I have never seen him even come close to crying. Nothing I could say or bake for him would bring him to tears of joy and it didn’t matter how good the latest Hugh Grant flick was this man wasn’t budging. Well, his dry spell came to a crashing halt the other day and I’ve been mopping up the mess ever since. You see, our on the hard sob story is done.  No more dirt. No more trekking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And please God, no more noseeums. All it took for my man to shed tears of joy was a non leaking boat and our engine to run. On Thursday our little engine that could took us from a dreadful existence living in a swamp-like yard to a blissful life floating in the water. Suddenly the sun is brighter, the sky is bluer and the Disney Cruise Ship’s “When You Wish Upon A Star” horn that goes off every day at 4pm on the dot is less annoying.


{About to be splashed for reals this time}

{First time at the helm. I call this look “scared shitless and trying not to cry”}

I have to say that so far life in the water is pretty fantastic and we haven’t even left the dock yet (unless you count the donuts we did before heading to our slip)! I’m gently rocked to sleep each night, the bugs are not nearly as bad and I spend my breaks watching manatees and dolphin swim up next to the boat.


{Dewey enjoying the cockpit.}

We made the decision to move from Cape Marina next door to the Port Canaveral Yacht Club to finish out our time in Florida before we head off into the unknown. We needed a change of scenery in the worst way and wanted to surround ourselves with a little different cliental. While we’ve met some amazing people over there, Cape Marina generally caters more to a power boat crowd while the Yacht Club is much more sailing focused and a better fit for us. They have a nice little shop that we can use if I need to jig saw something up, a safe place for us to store our dinghy, and most importantly a bar! They also have tons of grass for the dogs to run around and hang out in if I’m working on a sewing project under the pavilion. Its a quaint little place for us to hang out for a couple of weeks.


{Chance all snug as a bug in her new slip. Ignore the masking tape that I still have to Goo Gone off}

I know what you’re thinking and stop right there. If you think now that we’re in the water all the hard work is done – think again. We still have some pretty important projects to tackle that will keep us busy while we wait for our rig to settle. So, feel free to send bottles of sympathy wine to us. Some of the major things we have left to do before we head out are

  • Finish building our solar/radar arch
  • Install additional safety netting to keep the pups all safe and sound
  • Install the remaining gadgets and gizmos so we be all high tech and stuff
  • Repaint our deck and hope the nonskid sticks to our catwalks this time around
  • And then a bunch of other small things that are too boring to mention

So while we’ll most definitely be busy, we’ll be drunk on “I’m on a boat in the water” vibes. Happy days ahead!

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  1. Kelley and Jason-we are so excited and happy for you guys! YAY!! The grins on your faces in the first pic say it all. Enjoy your time at the yacht club finishing up your project list. Maybe we can even get a sail in with you guys before you depart.

    Keith and Deborah