Annapolis Sailboat Show 2012

One of J’s dream boats – a Tartan 3700. It was a pretty spectacular vessel.

What a weekend! We just got back from the Annapolis Sailboat Show and we are thoroughly exhausted. We had such a great time, but boy are we pooped. Early Sunday morning we packed up our rental car, made some cinnamon rolls and coffee for the ride, loaded up the pups and headed down to Annapolis. Amazingly, we didn’t hit a single bit of traffic!

Riley couldn’t believe we made him get up so early for a silly boat show

Sunday it rained all day. I typically hate walking around outside when it’s raining as the likelihood of getting poked in the eye with an umbrella is very high. I don’t think I even saw one umbrella at the show – every sailor was perfectly prepared and sporting their best rain gear. It was amazing and I was seriously spoiled for walking around New York City these last few rainy days.

Before we got to the show J and I had mapped out our “Must Visit” list so we didn’t forget anyone important and kept it handy. As we began weaving our way through the show we tried to take a strategic approach to visiting all the vendors, starting at tent A, but it just didn’t work out so well. We’d be talking to one vendor and he would insist we go and talk to another one clear on the other side of the show. During one traverse I even managed to sneak a peak at Lin Pardey who is somewhat sailing royalty!

As hectic as the weekend was we managed to score some pretty good deals and learned a ton! We picked up our fancy new chart plotter that will apparently let J watch football during his night watches in split screen (at least his priorities are straight), our ProFurl furler, four unbreakable wine glasses, some Helly Hansen rain gear and a few other odds and ends. We also spent a lot of time talking to people about building our boat freezer and our antifouling bottom paint.

I know most of you reading this have no idea what that is, so let me explain. Antifouling paint keeps your boat clean and unattractive to barnacle growth. At least that is what it’s supposed to do. We were really eager to speak to the folks behind Eco-Clad which claims to be environmentally responsible and fish friendly. Most antifouling paints work by releasing chemicals into the water that deter growth. Eco-Clad mimics a fish and supports the growth of a beneficial natural bio-film. This film provides food to the fish and is slowly eaten off over it’s two-year life cycle. J and I are pretty eco-conscious so we’re hoping we can convince the guy to sell a can to us directly as it’s not yet available to retailers. Another benefit of this paint is it only needs one coat which means a HUGE time save as we’re trying to leave in just a few short weeks. It’s our next boat project so we hope to get it figured out pretty quickly.

If we ever make it back to the show again, I will do a little more research ahead of time. A lot of the vendors advertised their deals online before the show. Knowing this ahead of time would of saved us a trip or two back to West Marine for price adjustments (you really just can’t beat their customer service, so we try to buy from them when possible. If something breaks that is under warranty, it’s their responsibility to get us a replacement or spare part no matter where we are).

Did any of you readers manage to make it up/down/over there? Get anything good?

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