We’ve Got Ourselves a Mechanic Over Here

So this is what a 1967 Atomic 4 engine looks like.

Let’s start this post by taking care of that big elephant that’s in the room. Yes, we have a gas engine. Yes, we specifically sought one out. No, we didn’t just end up with a gas engine on accident. No, we don’t plan on switching to diesel. Call us crazy, but we have our reasons. But, that is a topic for another day.

Isn’t he handsome? No seriously, doesn’t it look like he’s giving birth or something? I mean, I guess I can cut him some slack – he’s hoisting a 335 lb engine for goodness sake.

THIS post is about how badass Jason is. No, seriously. He’s. The. Man. You see, Jason has never owned a car in his life. We use these things called our legs to get around NYC. Jason has also never done any kind of engine work in his life. Yet he still managed to take apart, service and rebuild our 1967 Atomic 4 engine. Although old, our engine is in pretty pristine condition. When that thing was opened up it looked brand new inside. It helps that the engine has maybe 20 hours of use on it. (Sometimes I feel that we rescued Chance from her previous neglectful owners. Don’t they know you are supposed to actually sail your boat?).

Don’t those gears look new?

Jason got really in to this whole engine thing – spending hours on the phone with Moyer Marine or in their forums. I’d ask questions and he’d start blabbering on about carbo-somethings and some sort of coil. I was in over my head but luckily Jason was committed. And, he has the oil soaked board shorts to prove it (Thank God, I hated those shorts!) This dedication has led to 3 straight sleepless nights, and on Sunday afternoon he finally got that beast started! I have to say that this engine is a lot quieter than our other diesel engine and doesn’t smell half as bad.

What this means for you dear readers is that we can now get ourselves in the water and after a week (our rigging needs to settle in) or so we’ll be booking it to the Caribbean. This means that soon you’ll get actual interesting travel tales in our post instead of boring yard updates about engines. To this I raise my glass!


PS. Thank you Jason for getting us closer to getting the heck out of here! I love you.

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  1. You do yourself a disservice saying your entries are boring. After a few weekends work, polishing the fuel, scrubbing out the fuel tank, repalacing the fuel and oil filters, new fuel lines, we got our mighty Perkins going again. I love these success stories:)