Baby on Board


The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. It still doesn’t seem real. It feels like everything is happening to someone else and I’m just watching the show. Then the exhaustion kicks in and I realize it really is me waking up every couple of hours to feed this tiny human being.

On June 10th, at 12:40am, Jason and I welcomed our daughter Zoë Mar Sinclair into the world after a quick, but intense, four hours of labor. When your contractions start at 3 minutes apart you know things are going to move quickly. We were only at the hospital an hour and a half when Zoë was born. I don’t think anyone thought things would progress as quickly as they did as it took a good 30 minutes to get examined after I got there and once they did I was already at 9cm. While there was technically time for an epidural, the anesthesiologist never showed up, so I unintentionally went into the delivery all natural. Lucky me.

skin to skin!

I may have been in a pain filled haze, but I think once I got to the delivery room, I only had to go through a few more insanely painful contractions before it was time to push. Before I knew it, I had a beautiful baby girl in my arms for the oh-so-important skin to skin. I did it. I had anxiously waited for (and slightly feared) this day for 39 weeks and 1 day. And just like that the wait was over. Our perfect baby girl was finally here!

Daddy getting in some cuddle time before we head home.
Just a few hours old and no swaddle can contain those guns.

June 10th wasn’t only Zoë’s birthday it was also the full strawberry minimoon. I can now say with certainty that it is TRUE what they say about the full moon bringing out the crazies. The hospital was INSANELY busy. Everything I read said there would be a ton of nurses and people in the delivery room and we only had a nurse and a doctor who barely made it there himself. Once I had delivered they didn’t have a room for us, so we had to stay in the delivery room for the rest of the night. Zoë’s first swaddle was in a full size sheet as they didn’t have any blankets. When they finally found a room for us, it wasn’t on a postpartum floor so when I asked for wipes to change her diaper they handed me a stack of napkins. NAPKINS! I still can’t believe it.

These two are constantly watching over Zoë

We’ve spent the last 2 weeks adjusting to life as a family of 5. Jason and I are adjusting to life with no sleep while Dewey and Riley are figuring out what the new addition means for them. Riley has become the comforter while Dewey is more of the protector. I can’t wait to see the relationship they build with her as she grows.

Dewey has taken a little while to warm up to her, but she’s getting there. We’ve even managed a few kisses here and there.
Riley, on the other hand, will not let Zoë out of his sight.

In her two short weeks of life, Zoë already has her dad and I completely wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger. She is the most expressive sleeper – going between no fewer than 20 different facial expressions in a minute and she makes the cutest little sounds. When she is awake she loves to keep us on our toes by thrashing her head around when we least expect it. She loves to go on walks in the stroller and meeting everyone along the way. I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks bring.

Raise your hand if you love going for walks in the Doona stroller! (PS. Best stroller for navigating the city. Goes from stroller to car seat with the push of a button!)

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  1. Hi,

    The latest and obviously most important Sailing Chance post went to my Spam folder. Long story short, Congratulations!!!… albeit a bit late.

    We just bought five expensive cigars to celebrate my son-in-law selling his biz to an American pension fund. Since all five kids read your blog, we will be smoking them tonight and including Zoe in the mix. We have a seven year old Zoe too.

    So, all the best from fans in Canada. Good to see Obamacare is working out well for that hospital of yours and glad the family of five is happily back on the boat. All so cool. 🙂