Back to the Bahamas


Well folks, after five long weeks in NYC I am finally back on Chance and with my family again! And, boy does it feel great! I really missed these guys. Jason practically ran down the dock to greet me with the biggest smile on his face (although, I’m still not sure if that was for me or all the Trader Joe’s goodies I had stuffed in my pack). Once I made it back to Chance all hell broke loose when the dogs got ahold of me. It really feels great being loved!

dog_kisses_Sailboat sailboat_puppy_hello


We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the private beach at the marina. It’s was really nice. It is shocking how little we’ve actually taken the time to spend a couple hours laying on the beach during this journey. I think this may actually have been our first time!

Jason spent the last week at Palm Cay Marina in Nassau. We’re typically not marina people as we cruise, but Nassau is not the safest place (there have been a few recent piracy reports and we didn’t want to chance it) and at a $1/ft it really wasn’t a bad deal. There is a nice private beach, a restaurant and a car you can borrow to run to the grocery store or laundromat.

Next stop is the Berry Islands, just a day sail away. As of now it is looking like our next weather window for the crossing will be Tuesday. In the time being, expect a lot of blog posts as there are five weeks I have to catch up on. Someone, ahem, was not exactly the best blogger while I was away. Enjoy!


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