Backpacking in Bogota, Colombia


I fell for Bogota. I fell hard. This city is amazing. It’s gritty, it’s bold, it’s vibrant. And, it was COLD. I packed for a tropical Caribbean vacation and we were greeted with cold, wind and rain. At one point we got caught in such a torrential downpour (or side pour, really) our jeans were SOAKED through and we had to go back to the hostel and  convince them to dry our pants in the dryer. It didn’t matter , we still loved every minute of it.

When we got to Bogota we checked into Hostel Sue Candelaria in the Candelaria area of Bogota. It was a cute little hostel and we managed to snag a private room in the back. The place had single bathroom/showers and was really a great place to stay. The staff there was so friendly and helpful. The location was perfect for all of our adventures.

Street Side Tomato Cart in Bogota, Colombia

One of the things I loved most about Bogota was the access to fresh fruits and juices. In New York we have hotdog and pretzel stands but Colombia really does it right!

Fresh Fruit and Juice Carts in Bogota, Colombia

{Coconuts, mangos and papayas – OH MY!}

A Typical Bodega in Bogota, Colombia

{Small window tiendas are all over Bogota should you want a snack}

Rum in a Box! Ron Santa Fe enjoyed in Bogota, Colombia

When an attempt at seeing The Hunger Games went sour we turned lemons into a cocktail and had a fine night at a local rock bar. Boxed rum, who knew? So good. I’m not typically a rum fan, but this stuff was so smooth and delicious. Give a girl a straw and some tunes and I’m good to go.

Elderly Colombian Woman Walking the Streets of La Candelaria in Bogota, Colombia
{Older Colombian Woman walking the streets. I love the bright colors in this picture.}

An Artist Makes His Wares While He Sells on the Street in Bogota, Colombia
{The creative in me loves this – a man making jewelry while he sells on the street}

Bent Speed Limit Sign in Bogota Colombia

{Something about this bent speed limit sign just spoke to me. I passed it every day and was just in awe.}

Feeding the Pigeons at Plaza de Boliviar in Bogota Colombia

{Feeding the pigeons in Plaza de Boliviar}

Busy at the Plaza de Boliviar in Bogota Colombia

The Plaza de Boliviar is the main plaza in La Candelaria and is bustling hub of activity. From bicyclists, protestors, llamas and tourists, this plaza had it all! J kept trying to get me to hop on a llama for a picture and parade around the plaza (note – they were for kids only but he kept telling me I was really small).

Green figures made from recycled materials represent the local comuneros designed by Jorge Olavé

The city is full of these little green sculptures. This art project is the work of local artist Jorge Olavé and have all been made in the last 10 years. They seem to hang out on rooftops, balconies and window ledges. Turns out they are also all made of recycled materials and are supposed to represent local comuneros.

Colorful homes in Bogota Colombia

{Colorful homes make up the Candelaria district}

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