We’re in the Bahamas!



I’m not going to lie. There were a few times during our crazy crossing that I thought that there was no way the Bahamas was going to be worth what we had to go through to get there. I mean, I was throwing up for nearly 30 hours straight! No water could be that crystal clear and turquoise. Beaches really couldn’t be that secluded. There was just no way. But, as soon as I saw our first Bahamian sunrise and I realized that I could see the bottom while we were in 15 ft of water, I quickly changed my frame of mind. The water really is that clear and beautiful! I hadn’t even left the boat yet and I was already falling in love.

{Our buddy boats Dragonfly and Pixie}


{All that is left of a once thriving Walker’s Cay}

We checked into Walker’s Cay which is in the Abacos. Walker’s used to be a thriving little island, but a big ole nasty hurricane came through it a few years back and destroyed it. All that is left standing is small shack and a church. There is still a customs office there because it is a landing strip for small planes. The island is so abandoned, it doesn’t even have electricity. We had to radio customs and let them know we were there and they came on over from Grand Cay to check us all in. The whole process only took 20 minutes. We were now free to set foot on Bahamian soil! As soon as we were all checked in and settled, we headed out to meet the guys from Pixi and Dragonfly for a little spear fishing. There is nothing better than catching your own dinner just 30 minutes before it is time to eat. We went over to Dragonfly for freshly grilled hogfish and grouper and commiserated over the terrible crossing.


{Finally some land based play time for the pups}


{Sometimes it is wise to buddy boat with an arborist}

The next morning we moved our boat over to and anchorage between Grand Cay and Little Grand Cay. I have to tell you, it really is nice being able to see if your anchor is set instead of just hoping it is. Despite all that, Jason dove the anchor just because he could. We were set. Then we hopped in the dinghy and rode over to a nice secluded beach on Grand Cay. Dewey and Riley had an awesome day of rolling around in the sand, swimming and playing with Maggie and Cody (pups aboard Dragonfly). Everyone was so happy! The sun was shining, the weather was warm and I finally had to use sunscreen again.

Even though we’ve already been here a few days it still feels so surreal to me. Jason and I have been working so hard and so long to get our boat ready it sometimes felt like it was just an idea of sailing, that it may not actually happen. I am so happy that we made the jump and have begun this new chapter of our journey.


{Little Grand Cay. That may be the cutest pink liquor store I have ever seen.}


{Tiki Bar at Rosie’s on Little Grand Cay}

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  1. The story of your crossing nearly had me throwing up! There’s nothing worse than being sea sick and not being able to help. Hans has had a couple of 24 hour sails with me and I don’t know how he did it. But you’re there now (yaaaay!) and you’re going to love it. We stayed at Rosie’s for a couple of very memorable days.

  2. Kelley and Jason- congrats on getting there!!! It sounds like one hell of a crossing for you guys. The ft pierce to walkers route can be a toughie (not that I need to tell you!) but those northern out islands are so worth the pain. I hope you get a chance to enjoy Double Breasted before heading on down the chain. The sand bar at low tide will thrill the pups. Oh, and eat some more hogfish for Keith and I, it will be a bit before we are following in your wake. May it be smooth sailing from here for you two.

    Keith and Deborah (s/v Wrightaway)

  3. Wow – great report – I sure hope ther is a blog on Dbl Breasted – the spearing and snorkeling ppt here are the best you’re going to see for awhile – fires on the beach and that beach at low tide is breathtaking – stayed there 2 WEEKS last winter and it was awesome – Manjack further down is wonderful as well. Have fun!!!

  4. It was a bouncy crossing but for the record, despite worse than predicted weather, we hit our entry on the banks an hour off estimate and had a nice sail on the banks and 1/2 a nights sleep anchored off walkers. I will use this moment to remind you to srcub your bottom! If yours can be cleaned, doesnt mean your boat shouldn’t be.
    We miss cruising with you guys, say hi to the pups.