Beautiful, Beautiful Bimini


bahamas_beach_biminiMan was Bimini beautiful! We’ve been blessed with insanely beautiful beaches and water the entire time we were in the Bahamas, but there was something extra special and vibrant about the water surrounding Bimini. It was just so turquoise! It was incredible. After a wonderful overnight sail from the Berry Islands over to Bimini we hopped off the boat to explore the island a bit for our last day (sad face) in the Bahamas. Man, was it a good one! A friend we met in the Berries told us we had to go to the beach on the NW side of North Bimini while we were there to collect sea glass. Everywhere you look you see green, seafoam, clear, brown and if you are lucky, blue sea glass. Sea glass is created when the cruise ships dump their glass over board. It breaks into small pieces and by the time it makes it to shore the twisting and turning in the sea has smoothed out all the edges into really cool pieces. While a sad reason it is there, I certainly did my part to help clean up the environment! I think it would be really cool to make some jewelry with the glass set it in. Something spectacular to remember this amazing first sailing excursion we’ve had. After a day of fun in the sun we headed back to the boat and had our friends fromĀ Bad Habit over to help us eat the fish we caught on the way over. It was a perfect last day in the Bahamas, but man I already can’t wait until we go back!

An awesome picture of our buddy boat over to Bimini, Bad Habit, a Hunter 30. Man did we love them!

bimini_beach_bikini palm_trees_bahamas Sailing_dog_bimini sand_puppy_prints bahamas_bimini_beach dog_beach_bahamas sand_dog_bahamaspalm_bahamas_beach cactus_bimini_beach ocean_beach_bimini

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