Bouncing in the Berries


After a much longer than anticipated stay in Nassau (how does that always seem to happen!?) we finally caught a decent weather window to make an overnight sail to the Berry Islands. We were still a little iffy on whether we should head out or not, so we did a short sail from the south east side of the island over to Rose Island to literally test out the waters. All the tales of piracy and theft at anchorages around Nassau had us pretty startled so we didn’t even give any of them a shot until our last few hours in the area. Rose Island is a few miles away from Nassau and a pretty awesome little spot. We were sad it took us so long to find it! There are even a couple of small reefs right around it that you can dive.

After a quick 3 hour nap, we pulled anchor and headed out on a rolly overnight sail to Frazer’s Hog Cay in the Berry Islands. I am proud to say that with consistent use of Sturgeron I finally had my first crossing without vomiting. How exciting! We were going to be battling some pretty strong winds during our stay in the Berry Islands and there weren’t any protected anchorages from wind in that direction (with good enough holding) so we decided we were going to pick up a mooring ball from the Berry Islands Club. When we called over there Howard was nice enough and offered us the dock for the same price, and who are we to say no to easy shore access for the dogs? The only problem is that we should of pulled our stern in first as we spent the entire stay with our stern in the wind and us slapping the waves which is a pretty startling sound. That aside, The Berry Islands Club was a pretty awesome place. Instead of only the retired aged cruiser, we had an awesome mix of younger and older cruisers! The spot was very hostel-like and everything was very communal. We were invited to big group dinners two nights we were there where people cooked up their fresh mackerel and mahi-mahi! Everyone was so friendly!

Sadly we didn’t get to explore the area too much while we were there as the weather was such crap most days (cloudy, windy and cold). The one day we did get to explore we took the dinghy across the mooring field over to Whale Cay for a little fun in the sun with a few of the other boats. I was able to pick up a couple of pieces of coral, some sea biscuits and a small empty conch shell to put on my new desk and help keep the Bahamian spirit alive while I’m back in NYC.

From what I saw in the Berries I really liked. I just wish we could have seen more. But, the right wind was calling!


frazier_hog_bahamas bahamas_sunset



sailing_chance_crew berry_islands_club

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