It’s a bird. It’s a plane?



“What’s that in the water? Is that a plane? Is it headed right for our boat?!”

Those are words that actually came out of my mouth the other day. First, it is a bit unnerving to see a plane in the water as they generally prefer to be land/air based. Second it is even more unnerving to see it headed right for your boat*. Yet, that is exactly what happened. I was sitting in our cockpit, minding my own business when a plane decided to use the beautiful Bahamian waters near where we were anchored as an air strip. You see, Elbow Cay doesn’t have its own airstrip so I guess the rich folks around here have to make due. Tough life they have.

sea_plane_bahamas sea_plane_liftoff sea_plane_take_off *The plane turned way before it got uncomfortably close to us. Although, it did have me reading our insurance policy to see what happens if our boat got hit by a seaplane. 


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