DIY Rope Rug


It is a daily struggle aboard Chance for me figure out how to tastefully weave in a bit of nautical themed decor into our home. Nautical is a great theme on land, but when you live on a boat it can very quickly turn into cheesy territory. I first saw one of these cool woven rope rugs in a local rope store here in town and knew I wanted one. Subtle and tasteful in my opinion and it doesn’t scream seashells and seahorses in bright colors. The problem was it was too big for our cockpit floor. So, I turned to my DIY ways and figured out how to weave one myself.

Now, this knot or weave can be found under a few names – an ocean’s plait, celtic’s mat and just a plain old woven rug. I originally tried to follow Ms. Stewart’s instructions, but they were TERRIBLE. So, I found another source which put the steps into a video that I could follow along which was a lot easier to follow.

While I could follow along and was able to weave my own ocean plait this project was a PITA. You have to manage about 100 feet of this really rough rope and pull it through each and every weave, which gets old really fast. But, I stuck with it and now we have a really cute rug that is just the perfect size for our cockpit. I do need to sew on some non skid mat to the back so we don’t go busting our butts though, that thing is slippery on our wood floors!


In other news, it seems that when closing the windows in our boat one night I didn’t tighten them down all the way. Of course it rained that night and of course my computer was sitting under that window. Water dripped in and got my computer. It has been a few days of burying it in rice and praying the beast will miraculously turn on. When I called Apple they said it was too old for them to even think about servicing and it would be cheaper for me to buy a new one (I didn’t even tell them what had happened when they offered that “advice”). So, I found a local “Apple specialist” around here called Visual Dynamics who have a lot of experience with this sort of mishap. I keep trying to forget that this is how my last computer finally called it quits. It should also be pointed out that Jason left his computer outside during a pretty hefty downpour and his turned on with no problem. Damn you Mac (I still love you though)!


  1. I love it! I’ve been wanting something nautical for my galley floor and this just might be it. However, I think I’m going to use strips of fabric. Thanks for the video link, they make it look so easy!

    • Hey Laura – I will say that it is not exactly super cushy like you may want for the galley. It is more pretty to look at and rough to clean the bottoms of your shoes đŸ™‚

  2. How big was your rug you made? I noticed the flip flops but don’t know what size they are:)I am wondering if I need 100 ft of rope or less. Thank you, I love it!