El Galeón Comes to Port Canaveral

I think this wheel is probably bigger than our entire cockpit.
Now that is a big anchor. Each anchor weighs over 2200 lbs!

el-galeon-20 Can you believe it has been 500 years since Ponce de Leon and his peeps first stepped foot on American soil? Where has the time gone?! It seems like just yesterday good ole Ponce was making history being the first European over in these parts. In honor of his discovery, a replica of a 16th century tall ship has made its way into Port Canaveral. Since our boat is still on the hard, Jason and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to board a boat that is sitting in actual water. el-galeon-2 Measuring 170 feet and weighing just about 500 tons, El Galeón is the biggest sailboat I have ever set foot on. The boat was currently crewed by about 25 people, but back in the day there would of been about 200 people aboard. The replica seemed pretty accurate to the period, outside of the radar dome, bread maker and incredibly nice dingy. If you are interested in seeing the ship for yourself, it will be in Port Canaveral through May 12, then its making a run to Ft Lauderdale May 14 – 19 and finally landing in St. Augustine (site of Ponce de Leon’s arrival) May 23 – June 3.

The main sails, all tied up
Jason appropriately wearing his Mott 50 wheel shirt while on a old boat.
Here I am, staring off into the horizon wondering what it would be like to live on a boat that was actually in the water
El Galeón requires two anchors. That is nearly 5,000 lbs!


After a week straight of rain and gloom, the sun finally came out and gave me a chance to properly model my Mott 50 tee
Our friend Skip from S/V Manada II and his girlfriend Rose came along for the excursion as well. These two stared up at the rigging for about 45 minutes straight!

el-galeon-16 el-galeon-15el-galeon-14 el-galeon-12

This is a windlass which is used to raise the anchor. To give you some perspective ours is about 10″x6″x8″. We do have a slightly smaller boat though.


I love this man


There is another big ship coming to the Port next week (May 8 – 10), a Spanish Navy training vessel. If you are in the area, be sure to register to go aboard!