Chance is all pretty and painted!



We finally were able to paint the bottom of Chance yesterday! This time of year in Florida is really difficult for painting boats as it rains nearly every single day. Add in the fact that a nice little tropical storm decided to blow through here and we’ve securely been in no painting territory for a few weeks now. Also factor in that our bottom paint isn’t supposed to see water for 48 hours after it is put on and we’re really in a pickle. We finally had a nice (meaning a 30% chance of rain) day yesterday so we went for it. Seeing Chance all painted felt good, real good. It means we’re finally almost ready to leave this hell hole. We made a really cool video of the paint job so you can see all the rounds that went in to every part that I’ll be posting later this week once I finish editing it.


Now that the bottom job is done we really only have a few big projects left before we can get out of here: step the mast (kind of important), build the arch for our radar/solar panels/wind gen, and put the prop shaft back in our engine (also pretty important). There are a few other smaller odds and ends to finish up but it feels pretty freaking fantastic to see such a short list!

PS. Thank goodness we painted yesterday as they are dry sand blasting a boat about 10 feet from ours! Guess we’ll be breathing that in all day.

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