We bought a new boat!


vagabond_42_1982Well, we did it. After what seemed like years spent completely paperwork, we are happy to announce that we are the proud owners of a 1982 Vagabond 42! We couldn’t be more excited to call this girl ours. This boat has nearly everything we were looking for in a sailboat, and we think it will make an excellent home for us both while we live up and NYC and once we leave to cruise again.

The boat is currently in Clearwater, FL and will need to be brought up to us in NYC. As Jason and I are both working full time we won’t be able to make the journey up ourselves. We’ll be hiring a delivery captain to bring her up to us and last week I went down to Florida get the boat ready for her big trip up.

The second I stepped on to the boat everything just felt right. This was exactly where I was supposed to be and the boat we were meant to buy. After spending a few days on her, I can confidently say that everything is laid out so perfectly. It all makes sense. There is a perfect spot for the dogs beds, an open area for them to play in, and a big old bed for jason and I to sprawl out on. No longer will he be mandated to crouch as he walks through the boat (except through doorways) and no longer will he have to sleep in the fetal position in order to fit his 6’3″ body in the vberth. We have room to sprawl out on in this boat! Oh, and the STORAGE. My oh my, the storage on this boat in incredible!

Now, despite all my excitement, this boat is definitely not a one-and-done, ready-to-go vessel. She needs a lot of work and TLC to get her ready to cruise and to our liking. But, instead of getting into those details now, I just want to share a few pictures of our new home with you as she is now (before any of our personal touches).  Enjoy!

vagabond_42_cockpit The cockpit has nice wide seats that will be perfect for afternoon naps 🙂
The beautiful aft cabin. Look at those closets and storage spaces!
A nice full size bed with tons of headroom
The main cabin. Don’t mind the sheets on the cushions.
The top bunk in the “v-berth.” The Vagabond doesn’t really have a v-berth, but instead two single bunks. The top bunk pulls out for an extra foot of space and the back cushion slides in.


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  1. It’s a beautiful boat – congratulations and we hope to see you sail her in the Bahamas! Come on down! MV Blue Heavens (Berry Islands Club May 2014)

  2. Beautiful!! I love the teak cabinetry, and she does look like there is plenty of room to sprawl. Aren’t square shaped beds the best?! We are so happy for you guys!
    Deborah (sv Wrightaway)

    • Thanks Mark! Really appreciate it. We have someone nearly locked in, but if it doesn’t work out I’ll email you.

    • Hey Wes – Not going the 2nd Chance route, but it is a play on “Chance.” Stay tuned for the reveal!

  3. Hi Kelley hi Jason.
    I have followed you blog from the beginning. Jason had a hard time with the ICW and I thought that was the end.
    I am glad I was wrong.I wish you guys the best of luck with the new boat, she is beautiful. Hope to hear from your next adventure.

    • We’ll never give up! Even though land was never our forever plan, we just needed a little break from the boat to show us how much we LOVE living on the water.