Busy Bees


Ever since we signed on the dotted lines for our new floating home it seems that we’ve been moving at 100 mph. The last few weeks have been spent setting up insurance, delivery captains, bottom cleaners, securing the slip at our marina in NJ, packing up our apartment, getting rid of all of our furniture, starting new jobs, becoming incredibly busy at old jobs and so much more. I can’t remember the last time I had a lazy Sunday. But, all the craziness will be worth it when I am watching the sun rise over Manhattan from my cockpit, coffee in hand again.

The good news is that we move back aboard this weekend. After a year hiatus (for me, about 9 months for Jason), we’ll be livaboards again! Oh, happy day! The bad news is that our boat is still in Florida so we’ll be subletting a powerboat (the same one that Tasha and Ryan of Turf to Surf lived on last summer) for a couple of weeks until we get our new boat up here. This boat is bigger than most apartments Jason and I have ever had in the city, and the view is definitely better. This move is going to be amazing for us.

The Big Kahuna. Pic by Tasha
Not a bad view from The Big Kahuna, our sublet for the next couple of weeks. Pics by Turf to Surf.

In more good news, our boat started its trek from Clearwater, FL up to us in New York THURSDAY MORNING. In a few (hopefully) short weeks, we will have our girl up here with us! And, let me tell you, I am a nervous wreck. I did not sleep a wink last night. If I thought I was tired before, I am pretty sure I won’t sleep until she is safely docked with us on board. Jason and I are both working full time so unfortunately we can’t make the sail ourselves. Our friend Jamey that we crossed over to the Bahamas with is actually captaining the boat for us. We couldn’t have found a better guy for the job. He is probably one of the most skilled sailors I have ever physically met. Despite his qualifications, we are likely going to annoy him with all our inquiries along the way. There is just no way we can sit silently waiting. So to help ease our anxiety we’d appreciate you wishing her a smooth and swift sail up to us!

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  1. Really, really exciting time for you! I can only imagine the stunning sunrises you will see! Living aboard is truly the best! Here’s to wishes for steady winds and calm seas as your home moves north! ~Jessie