Galley Gadget: Can Lids



It is inevitable that, while cruising, you tend to eat a lot of canned food. It is just part of the job. But, you know what? Sometimes I don’t want an entire can of black beans for dinner. Occasionally I just want to use half a can of chopped tomatoes for my tacos. Or, maybe, I want to save half of that can of chicken for lunch tomorrow.

While we were cruising our only solution to this was to either poor the left overs into an airtight container and toss it into the freezer (causing extra dishes and water usage), or use a loose tin foil cover that was not even close to air tight. We needed a better solution. We looked online for different can covers and only found ones for weird pet food can sizes. Now that we are back stateside and have easy access to grocery stores we find ourselves relying a little less on canned food on a day to day basis. We needed to make sure that the canned food we did use didn’t go to waste. So, I hopped on trusty old Amazon and found these can lids. While these are technically designed for pet food cans, they work perfectly for human food as well. The inner can lid section fits regular sized cans (15 ounces) and the outer section fits the big cans (28 ounces). We’ve been using them for about 6 weeks now and are really happy with how “fresh” they keep our canned foods. The best part is that they only cost $1.99 for three of them!



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  1. I have to admit, we don’t eat out of cans very much. I thought we would and it just hasn’t panned out that way- mostly because I just don’t like the taste of stuff in cans, and dried beans are easy enough to deal with. So I may be totally off base with this impression, but I thought once you opened a can, it was better to store the contents in a non-reactive container- that breaking the seal would make whatever was left withing taste… tinny, or something. Not true I guess? With five people to feed, when a can does get opened on our boat, we don’t have leftovers!

    • We thought we’d eat a lot more so we stocked up pretty heavily. After a year and a half of cruising we ended up throwing away most of our canned corn because we never ate it and the cans were rusting beyond the safety point. I do enjoy the convenience of canned tomatoes and beans when available. We did buy dry beans as we cruised though as they were just more readily available.

  2. Like the Totem crew we hardly use any canned food on board… Dried beans, dried coconut milk, pasta, rice, noodles and flours are our staples but canned tomatoes are a must. Over the years we’ve just managed to find Lids that happen to fit which would have otherwise been thrown away. They work great. The small can lid was from sour cream tub, large one was from when we treated ourselves to gulab jamans… It reminds me every time we use it…yum.

    We’ve met some people who taught us how to can our own fish which will be useful for quiet fishing patches.