1,312 Steps in Capo Caccia, Sardinia

The stairway to Neptune's Grotto in Sardinia
You are looking at just a small portion of the 656 steps (each way) to get to the amazing Neptune’s Grotto.

Just outside of Alghero is the stunning Capo Caccia, where towering cliff faces meet insanely gorgeous waters that seem to be every shade of blue and turquoise you can find in your Crayola box of crayons. In addition to having a pretty exterior, Capo Caccia is full of underwater caves, the most famous being Neptune’s Grotto. You can get to Neptune’s Grotto by boat, or take a leisurely walk down 656 steps until you get to the entrance of the Grotto.

The views of Capo Caccia really are stunning
We may have been out of breath, but the views were worth it.
Capo Caccia in Sardinia
The water colors are amazing – in small spaces it manages to vary into 500 different shades!

Once you get to the base of the Grotto there is a small restaurant where you can grab a quick bite (nothing special) and a glass of wine (always special). After we were fully fueled we decided to head down into the Grotto which involved more stairs. Fun. We were told we we were the last people to be let in for the day because the water was getting really rough, and if we hurried we could catch the last tour. We happily paid our 13€ per person entry fee and went on our merry way.

The great thing about being the last in the group is that you can get some amazing pictures without a bunch of other tourists in it. Jason even brought a fun 360 camera along to play with. I’ve struggled with the idea of 360 cameras as i just couldn’t think of a situation where seeing the full 360 view was that much more enhanced than a standard video or picture, but folks, a really freaking cool cave is that situation. Check out one of the still shots he grabbed that we shared on Facebook. The tour is given in both English and Italian and lasts maybe 20 minutes. The details on how the caves were formed were fascinating. Even during the short time we were in them, the waves really picked up and we had to wait for a break so that we didn’t get soaked climbing out.

Once we (narrowly) escaped the Grotto, it was time to start the climb back to the car. Let me tell you, it is a lot harder to climb UP 656 steps than it is down them. We certainly earned our wine that night! It turns out we had illegally parked our car along with about 50 other people and had the fun task of talking our way out of a parking ticket in what I can only describe as the Italian version of Spanglish. We really earned our wine.

Neptune's Grotto in Capo Caccia, Sardinia
The formations inside the caves were so amazing.
Take a guided tour through the caves of Neptune's Grotto
Group tours leave every hour through the caves, but they can close suddenly if the water conditions get too rough.