The Doggy Diaries: Adjusting to Life on the Water

{Kisses. Thanks dad for letting me live on a boat! I really like it here.} We've pretty much established that life on the water is awesome and about 100x better than life on the hard....

Dog Overboard

{Mr. Riley Bones at the helm} So, Riley fell overboard last night. I always knew the day would come and I know that it will come again. At all the Port Canaveral marinas there is...

Steak Dinner

We've met some pretty thoughtful people during our stay at Cape Marina. Not only do they think of us, but they don't forget about our dogs either! Riley and Dewey got a special treat...

Passing the Time on a Rainy Day

Whats a crew to do when you're stuck in inside your boat on a rainy day? You sing songs in your vberth of course! [youtube]
items in first aid kit for dogs and pets

First Aid for the Dogs

With all that time spent on crafting the perfect human First Aid kit for Chance, you didn't think we'd forget about our favorite four legged friends, did you? Before we left Brooklyn we spent...