What we do while we live aboard our sailboat

Gifts for Travelers and Nautical Lovers

It's beginning to look a feel a lot like the holidays over here at Sailing Chance. We spent the weekend winterizing our boat - taking off all the sails, building the frame for our winter...

The Best Sun Protective Hats

It has been really hot in NYC for the last week. So hot that I almost don't even mind heading to an air conditioned office every morning. We've been trying to sail as much...

Why We Sail

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The 70 Best Sailing Movies

The 70 Best Sailing Movies

There are those amazing sailing days - the ones where the wind is in the perfect direction, the sun is shining, it's warm (but not sweltering!), and you're cruising along at 8 knots without the...

A Day at the Races

By "day" I mean three, and by "the races" I mean the America's Cup. No big deal. It's not everyday that the America's Cup comes to town (It hasn't been here since 1920!), and...