What we do while we live aboard our sailboat

And Then We Were in the Water

{First family pic while in the water. I'm so happy my eyes are squinty! Bones can barely contain his excitement either. Kisses for Jason!}  In the 3 1/2 years that Jason and I have been...

Fall Foliage on the Hudson River

Don't tell Jason but I really love Fall. I love everything about it. I love the layers. I love the boots. And, I really love the colors. Growing up in Florida, we didn't have...

Passing the Time on a Rainy Day

Whats a crew to do when you're stuck in inside your boat on a rainy day? You sing songs in your vberth of course! [youtube]


If I had to pick just one thing that I got out of this journey so far I think it would be perspective. I have a new view on what I want from life...

Vero, Take Three

Jason asked me the other day, "Do you ever think there will be a time when we have an uneventful day sailing and don't even realize it?" You see, we've had some less than...