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Back to the Bahamas

Well folks, after five long weeks in NYC I am finally back on Chance and with my family again! And, boy does it feel great! I really missed these guys. Jason practically ran down...

Amazing Alghero, Sardinia

Alghero is an amazing city on the island of Sardinia which is part of Italy. Located on the Northwest coast of the island, it is charming, beautiful and full of delicious wine and food....

Running out of Propane in Vero Beach

You know that time when you are half way through baking a delicious Digiorno pizza and you are readying the boat for a morning departure to Ft. Pierce? It is exactly at that time...

Totes MaGoats!

Spring has most definitely sprung over in the Bahamas. Flowers are blooming everywhere, lobster season is over (it officially ends March 31) so all the fisherman are back home with their families in Spanish...

How To: Make Conch Salad Like A Pro

If you have been to the Bahamas you've likely heard of, tried and fallen in love with conch salad. I'm sure if the Bahamas had an official national dish, conch salad would be it....