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Bouncing in the Berries

After a much longer than anticipated stay in Nassau (how does that always seem to happen!?) we finally caught a decent weather window to make an overnight sail to the Berry Islands. We were...

Running out of Propane in Vero Beach

You know that time when you are half way through baking a delicious Digiorno pizza and you are readying the boat for a morning departure to Ft. Pierce? It is exactly at that time...

Happy Six Week Bahamas-versary!

It is hard to believe that we’ve already been in the Bahamas six weeks. We’ve barely even scratched the surface of the 720+ islands the country has to offer! While we’ve been living aboard...

New York To-Do List

I've lived in New York City for over six years now, but there is still many cool things I've never done. With only 85 days left until our departure (!) I figured I needed...

Tolu & The San Bernardo Islands – Colombia

We absolutely fell in love with Tolu. It's such a quaint little town where the locals choose their bikes of cars. Even the taxis are bicitaxis! I tell you, I have no idea how...