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best stemless wine glasses for your boat

Best Drinkware for Your Boat – Boat Wine Glasses, Boat Mugs, Boat Tumblers and...

Having the right boat drinkware aboard can really make or break your enjoyment aboard. The saying goes, "there is no use crying over spilled milk," but there...
Best galley products for your sailboat

Favorite Galley Items for Your Sailboat

Outfitting your perfect galley is a constantly evolving process. After nearly four years aboard I think I have it all figured out, and then I discover some new life-changing item that I just have...

9 Ridiculously Smart Boat Storage Ideas and Organization Hacks

Living on a boat and being hyper-organized go hand in hand. You quickly learn how to maximize every inch of storage space you have. Once you finally find the perfect spot for each item...
sunset in the Long Island sound

Best Audiobooks to Get You Through Night Watches

Our boat is crewed by two adults which means we have to switch on and off between the two of us during night watches. Yes, we have...
Amazon Prime Day for Sailors and Boaters

Best 2019 Amazon Prime Day Deals for Sailors and Boaters

It's here, it's here! It's finally 2019 Amazon Prime Day (or, two days). If you are not familiar with Amazon Prime Day, 2019's event was a 2-day celebration on July 15-16 where thousands of...