The 70 Best Sailing Movies

The 71 Best Sailing Movies

Updated May 2019. There are those amazingĀ sailing days - the ones where the wind is in the perfect direction, the sun is shining, it's warm (but not sweltering!), and you're cruising along at 8 knots...
Ultimate packing list for a sailing charter in the Caribbean

What to Pack for a Bareboat Sailing Charter

One of the best parts of having a boatĀ is that when you want to head somewhere new, you just untie the dock lines. No need to pack a bag, everything is already aboard. You...

Galley Gadget: Can Lids

It is inevitable that, while cruising, you tend to eat a lot of canned food. It is just part of the job. But, you know what? Sometimes I don't want an entire can of...

The Best Cruising Items Under $20

After all the commotion that came from our list of 5 Must Have Cruiser Items That Actually Sucked, it is only fair to share a few of the things that we actually liked. In...
5 Cruising Items

Five Must Have Cruising Items That Actually Sucked

As we were gearing up to cruise everyone seemed to take it upon themselves to tell us all the things that we just couldn't live without - whether we asked them or not....