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What we do while we live aboard our sailboat

9 Ridiculously Smart Boat Storage Ideas and Organization Hacks

Living on a boat and being hyper-organized go hand in hand. You quickly learn how to maximize every inch of storage space you have. Once you finally find the perfect spot for each item...
sunset in the Long Island sound

Best Audiobooks to Get You Through Night Watches

Our boat is crewed by two adults which means we have to switch on and off between the two of us during night watches. Yes, we have...

4 Books for the DIY Boat Owner

Jason and I have always been DIYers. In fact, we gutted and rebuilt our last boat, and are now in the middle of putting a DIY makeover on Chancelot. We've learned our fair share...
Baby on a boat playing with Green Toys stacker

Must Have Baby Products for Small Space Living

When I found out I was pregnant I pretty much immediately went into research mode. I had heard that babies needed a lot of stuff, but just how much stuff could a 6 pound...
Kayak stuck in frozen Hudson River in New York City

Iced Over

Today is the first day it has been above freezing in weeks. Record lows have swept the country and for the first time we've had to deal with icebergs (who cares if they were...