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What we do while we live aboard our sailboat

Exploring Gulfo di Oresei, Sardinia

Another area of Sardinia we got to explore was Gulfo di Oresei. While this area technically can be reached by foot (which involves a 2 hour hike), it is best accessed by boat. The gulf...

A New Tack in 2017

They say that a cruiser’s plans are written at sand at low tide, but we’re dockside now, and not technically cruisers anymore (hey, we’re between trips!) so our plans tend to have a little...

Gifts for Travelers and Nautical Lovers

It's beginning to look a feel a lot like the holidays over here at Sailing Chance. We spent the weekend winterizing our boat - taking off all the sails, building the frame for our winter...

Making Your Own Stack Pack

In our continuous effort to rid our boat of all the green, I have been on a sewing frenzy this summer. Little by little our boat is looking fresher, almost happier. First the cove...

The Best Sun Protective Hats

It has been really hot in NYC for the last week. So hot that I almost don't even mind heading to an air conditioned office every morning. We've been trying to sail as much...