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What we do while we live aboard our sailboat

All I want for Christmas

Given I've just recently sold off all of my non-essential belongings my Christmas list this year is a little different than it has been in years past. In place of shoes and nail polish...

A New Plan

This whole getting a boat ready thing takes an awfully lot longer to do than we anticipated. After Sandy hit and then the Nor'easter we did the math - we had lost so many...

Sew what?

In sticking with the DIY theme of this trip, and frankly my entire life, I plan to do a lot of the sail repair and canvas work on our boat myself. I've been sewing...

Marina Dogs

{Dewey and Riley curled up in the backseat as we drive up to Mystic} While Jason and I work on the boat, the pups spend their days playing and generally getting into trouble. Our boat...

Scraping and Sanding and Priming, Oh My!

With Sandy uh coming we really had to hunker down and get some good work in on Chance on Saturday so my weekend up there wasn't a total loss. We rose at the crack...