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What we do while we live aboard our sailboat

Scraping and Sanding and Priming, Oh My!

With Sandy uh coming we really had to hunker down and get some good work in on Chance on Saturday so my weekend up there wasn't a total loss. We rose at the crack...

Hurricane anyone?

If living 22 years in Florida teaches you anything, it is how to live through a hurricane. When I moved to NY I expected the blizzards that dumped piles of snow on us, but...

Helping Hands

We're coming off a good weekend for Ms. Chance. We tricked a couple of our friends to come up with promises of seaside views and small town vibes, but used their time refinishing our...
Saloon covered in fiberglass dust

White Powder

Now that I have your attention, let's talk about sanding. Yes, that kind of white powder. Since I've been stuck in Brooklyn still slaving away at the 9-to-5, J has been handling all the...

In Hot Water

The Annapolis Boat Show left me energized and ready to kick my to-do list's butt! After a quick stop at home to remind myself I still owned a bed, I shot back up to...