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Comfortable shoes are key for enjoying travel while pregnant.

Traveling While Pregnant

Since I found out I was pregnant I haven’t really done a ton of traveling. It hasn't been on purpose, its just that our last trip was so extravagant and we took so much time...

The Doors of Barcelona

I have a thing for graffiti and Barcelona did not disappoint. Everywhere I looked there were doors covered in stickers and hidden messages. My favorite was when I got to see all the storefront...

Exploring Gulfo di Oresei, Sardinia

Another area of Sardinia we got to explore was Gulfo di Oresei. While this area technically can be reached by foot (which involves a 2 hour hike), it is best accessed by boat. The gulf...

A Sardinian Wedding

In case you don't follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you may be interested to know that Jason and I finally took the plunge and got married during our trip to Sardinia and I...

Gifts for Travelers and Nautical Lovers

It's beginning to look a feel a lot like the holidays over here at Sailing Chance. We spent the weekend winterizing our boat - taking off all the sails, building the frame for our winter...