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While it's been known for some time that Jason and I are not the biggest fans of us spending so much time in Florida as we start our cruising ways, it does have some...

Give a Man a Net

And he shall provide! We've had this pretty crazy phenomenon happening over in these parts for the last week or so. Every night hundreds, maybe thousands, of fish go on a hunting spree for...

A Mountain Side Getaway

Remember how I mentioned that I was ditching my seaside ways for a few days of rest and relaxation in the mountains for a few days? Well, it was awesome. My good friend Laura...

Sea Legs vs Air Legs

Back in my working girl New York City days I used to fly all the time. At least once a quarter (look at me all business speak) I’d be jetting off to some metropolis...

Running Views

Sometimes I forget that I live at the beach and that Florida isn't all terrible humidity and tons of bugs (at least not at 7am). Yesterday I tried getting up at the crack of...